Volleyball league

Got an announcement from the folks at the Robeson County Recreation Department today about a youth volleyball league they’re having. Read more for the details…

The Robeson County Recreation Department will host a fifth and sixth grade volleyball league this spring.

In the league…:
1. There will be two chances to serve
2. Rally scoring will be used
3. Matches are best two-of-three games to 21
4. Coaches will call end lines
5. Teams should arrive 30 minutes before game time
6. Players should all be wearing tennis shoes only
7. Players should rotate every time on serves
8. There will be a single-elimination tournament at season’s end at Fairmont High School


April 19 (Pembroke Middle School)
Magnolia vs. Pembroke #1
St. Pauls vs. Prospect #3
South Robeson vs. Prospect #2
Fairmont vs. Prospect #1

April 26 (Prospect School)
Prospect #1 vs. South Robeson
Prospect #2 vs. St. Pauls
Prospect #3 vs. Magnolia

Pembroke #1 vs. Pembroke #2

May 3 (Magnolia School)
St. Pauls vs. Pembroke #2
South Robeson vs. Pembroke #1
Fairmont vs. Prospect #3
Prospect #1 vs. Prospect #2

May 10 (St. Pauls Middle School)
Prospect #2 vs. Fairmont
Prospect #3 vs. South Robeson
Pembroke #1 vs. St. Pauls
Pembroke #2 vs. Magnolia

May 17 (South Robeson)
South Robeson vs. Magnolia
Fairmont vs. Pembroke #2
Prospect #1 vs. Pembroke #1
Prospect #2 vs. Prospect #3

For more information, call (910) 671-3090.


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