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May 31, 2008

Just got my hands on a bunch of standings.

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Looking northward

May 31, 2008

We paid a visit to Mendoza Park in Spring Lake Saturday morning.

Good thing we brought a camera. Want to see what we’ve got? Click here.

Feeling hot, hot, hot…

May 28, 2008

It was a tad warm Tuesday in Stedman. That’s a little like saying that the price of gas is a tad high…

Anyway, enough complaining from me. We’ve got pictures and video from three games – Colts and Red Sox, Angels and (Eastover) Tigers and the Marlins and Swampdogs.

The video from the Stedman and Eastover teams, as well as the Stedman pictures, are on the Stedman page.

The pictures of the Eastover Tigers are, you guessed it, on the Eastover page.

We’d still love to get pictures and video from you. Send them to me at

What’s new at Spring Lake

May 27, 2008

Visit our Spring Lake page to see what’s happening.

British invasion

May 27, 2008

There are four British Soccer Camps slated for our area this summer.

They will run as follows:

Westover (June 23-27), Elizabethtown (at the Bladen County Soccer Complex, July 21-25), Laurinburg (Scotland County Parks and Recreation Center, July 21-25) and Stoney Point (Honeycutt Elementary, Aug. 11-15).

What exactly is a British Soccer Camp? Glad you asked…

According to their Web site, “British Soccer Camps provide young players with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international experts right in the heart of their own community. Each British Soccer Camp provides players of all ages and abilities the appropriate program and level of curriculum.

“Each day includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a daily tournament. Equally important, the Challenger coaching staff provides your child with lessons in self-discipline, good sportsmanship and respect for others and for the game.

“With each week-long camp, your child will get a Challenger soccer ball, camp shirt and camp award. Plus, a camp certificate, daily individual skill development, coached scrimmages, daily World Cup Tournament, daily Camp break activities, and a graduation party.”

Age groups range from 3 to 18, so there seems to be something for everyone who’s interested in the beautiful game.

Fees vary based on the age group. For more information, visit their site.

Photography vs. practicality

May 22, 2008

There was a jeer in today’s “Cheers and Jeers” from Tammy Hibbard in Hope Mills that I found interesting:

“Jeers to the photographer taking pictures for a youth sports program. The children are taken into a building, and no parents are allowed inside.

“I’m a single parent with four children playing sports. I just couldn’t afford pictures. I asked to come in to take a picture of the team for my girls. The owner of the company became agitated. He didn’t take me aside and explain his policy. He made sure everyone around me knew my situation.

“I had my girls stay and take the team picture. When they started individual pictures, I called my girls out so we could leave.

“The owner of the company began yelling. These are my children, and he’s telling me I can’t take them. I don’t think so!”

I spent a summer working for a company in North Carolina that went around to different rec leagues and snapped team and individual pictures. I wasn’t there for this one, but I never had this kind of exchange with a parent.

Of course, I didn’t sequester the team and yell at parents, either.

I’m sure that some people would go through the trouble to take their own picture, have it blown up to a 5×7 or 8×10 and not buy the official one from the photography company. But really, aren’t most people going to buy one as part of some really big, expensive package that will provide enough wallets and snapshots to scatter about the family tree?

I think so.

We had a batch of school pictures that we absolutely hated. There was a weird look on my son’s face, it was cropped funny and the packages offered with only slightly cheaper than a trip to the gas pump.

But we bought some anyway.

Most people, I’d wager, react that way to pictures of their kids.

So, really, there’s no reason for anyone to be so hateful – especially when dealing with a single parent with four kids – when selling them. 

Sharing is caring

May 21, 2008

Billy Molivas sent us some pictures from Opening Day at Stedman.

You can see them here.

Dragons show their ‘Good Stuff’

May 20, 2008

Jon Meier, head coach of the Fayetteville YMCA Sea Dragons sent us the following announcement: 

The Fayetteville YMCA Sea Dragons competed in the Good Stuff Swim Meet at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary on May 16-18.  Highlights from the meet were: Connor Johnson taking second in the 50 butterfly and 50 backstroke, third in the 100 freestyle and fourth in the 400 freestyle; Dustin Dyer finishing sixth in the 50 breaststroke and Alex Johnson coming home seventh in the 50 breaststroke and 50 backstroke. 

750 swimmers took part in the event from all over the North Carolina and Virgina.

The team’s complete results were:

Ainolhayat, Andres, 48.47, 50 Breast , 44.93, 50 Back, 1:12.41, 100 Free, 31.36, 50 Free, 1:46.62, 100 Breast

Ainolhayat, Aryana:  54.22, 1 50 Fly, 59.15, 50 Back, 42.48, 50 Free, 54.64, 50 Breast 

Allen, Kaci:  1:00.63, 11-12 50 Back, 50.86, 50 Free, 1:24.37, 50 Breast. 

Bailey, Alexis:  57.17 50 Fly,  56.25 50 Back

Bailey, Liana: 50.65 50 Fly, 50.03 50 Back, 1:34.12 100 Free

Dyer, Devin: 59.44 50 Fly, 1:07.40 50 Back, 49.06 50 Free, 1:15.95 50 Breast

Dyer, Dustin:  5:46.53 400 IM, 40.80 50 Breast, 2:41.53 200 IM, 1:05.82 100 Free, 30.23 50 Free, 1:28.74, 100 Breast, 1:15.79 100 Back

Green, Kristopher: 1:15.86 50 Fly, 49.81 50 Free, 1:06.14 50 Breast

Johnson, Connor: 5:00.90 400 Free, 32.67 50 Fly, 34.91 50 Back, 1:06.85 11-12

Johnson, Niel:  42.83 50 Breast, 41.38 50 Back, 1:11.55 100 Free

Khlebnikov, Danila: 1:10.20 50 Fly, 1:00.13 50 Back        

Kuzakin, Brittany: 1:10.29 50 Back, 59.48 50 Free                            

Osuna, Nicolette: 44.64 50 Fly, 45.22 50 Back, 1:53.72 100 Breast                  

Ramirez, Frank: 1:07.50 100 Free, 1:26.91 100 Fly, 34.99 50 Fly, 29.56 50 Free, 1:17.84 100 Back

Sampson, Justice:  1:02.90 50 Breast, 1:07.64 50 Back, 2:00.98 100 Free, 44.32 50 Free                 

Tanguay, Kaitlin:  55.65 50 Fly, 57.94 50 Back, 1:38.30 100 Free

Straight from the Point

May 20, 2008

Tom Cox, a regular contributor, sent us a picture from Stoney Point.

Want to see? Visit Stoney Point’s page. 

To the extreme?

May 19, 2008

Maybe you’ve seen this story:

The skinny is that a mom was scheduled to work the concession stand. She had to work and couldn’t show. So the league benched her son for two games as punishment.

This is just silly.

I totally understand the importance of running a concession stand. I know it helps to fund league operations. I get needing parents to help staff it. Sure, makes perfect sense.

Where you lose me is benching a seven year old because the mom missed her shift.

The concept of telling a seven year old that he can’t play because his mom had to work and couldn’t sell Skittles at the ballpark is sheer lunacy.

Fine her. Make her work two shifts to make up for it. Charge her double to sign her kid up next year. Anything but putting the kid on the pine.

Surely there was a better solution out there…