Pounding the pavement

Our good friend Bill Dubois sent us this note:

On Nov 9, 2008, my wife Julia, John Combs and John Somerindyke ran the OBX Marathon (their 1st). My son Cody (14) ran his first 1/2 marathon. The web sit for the official results is:  www.lin-mark.com/resobx08.htm<http://www.lin-mark.com/resobx08.htm

I checked the registration and believe there were 30 marathon runners from Fayetteville and 22 more runners in the 1/2.

They all trained very hard and did a wonderful job. Cody was second youngest in his race. They did not have an age group for him so they scored him with the 15-19 year olds. He finished 13 out of 38. Overall ,he came in 298 out of 2771 runners.

FYI, Cody said he wants to train to hopefully run the full OBX marathon in 09.  All I can say is “I’m blessed.”

He also passed along some pictures, which can been seen here.


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