Junior Fireantz notch wins in Charleston

Thanks to my colleague, Rhonda Graham, for sending me this: 

The Jr. Fireantz Bantam Hockey Team from Fayetteville traveled to Charleston, S.C., the weekend of Nov 1 to play the Jr. Stingrays in their first CHL games of the season. They walked away with two wins. Way to go ANTZ!!!

The Jr. Fireantz teams are based here in Fayetteville and practice at the Cleland Rink on Fort Bragg. They are travel hockey teams that typically travel as far as Nashville to Pittsburgh and South to Charleston and Greenville, S.C. Currently, the Jr. Fireantz have five teams based on age level – Mites (5-8), Squirt (9-10), PeeWee (11-12), Bantam (13-14) and Midget (15 -18).

The Cape Fear Youth Hockey Association, of which the Jr. Fireantz are a part, also periodically offer learn-to-play sessions. Check them out at http://www.cfyha.org. Look for more hockey action as our teams take the ice for the 2008–2009 seasons!

Since my Flickr preview code is still not working, here are the photos.


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