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Rhino eXtreme Championship

December 26, 2008

From our friends at the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau…

Over 500 wrestlers will come to Fayetteville and weigh in to compete for the Rhino eXtreme Championship Belt on Jan. 24. Known for intense competition and distinctive awards, the Rhino eXtreme enters its fifth year this season. Held in Cumberland County’s Crown Center, the tournament has always been tough, but not always as large as it is now.

In 2005, the tournament’s inaugural year, 186 wrestlers stepped up to the challenge of the then single age division tournament held in Jack Britt High School’s gymnasiums. Over the next couple of years the tournament grew so much that the tournament directors were forced to make it an invitational tournament. At the same time opportunity knocked in the form of the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau who offered to purchase wrestling mats to provide the opportunity to expand events and host national tournaments in the greater Fayetteville area. The Rhino’s answered the knock at the door and embraced the challenge they were presented with and the rest, as they say, is history.

This Jan. 24, history will be made again as hundreds of wrestlers compete for the coveted Rhino eXtreme Championship Belt and the title of Tournament Champion. Fayetteville will open her doors and welcome them to America’s Hometown full of history, heroes, and a home town feeling.

For more information on the Rhino eXtreme Wrestling Tournament and the Rhino Rookie Tournament (run simultaneously) to include registration fees, hotel accommodations, weigh in times, tournament format, and age groups and weight classes visit the tournament web site at or email


Soccer, Hope Mills style

December 10, 2008

Cruise on over to the Hope Mills page to check out the latest on the Railhawks pee wee team.

Youthful fencers fare well

December 10, 2008

This came from our good friend Gerhard Guevarra. For more on the All-American Fencing Academy, drop him a line at 

Three of the All-American Fencing Academy’s youngest fencers recently competed in their first tournament and they’re eager to show the rest of North Carolina that they’re ready.

Jesus Sierra, 7, Gabe Ignacio, 8, and Jake Thompson, 9, are by far the youngest competitors that the All-American Fencing Academy has fielded. They’ve all shown that they have the passion, athleticism and maturity for a high level of fencing.

Gabe Ignacio, who took third place in his first competition, looked excited going into his first competition and left weary after giving it his all.

“Gabe is a pretty decent offensive fencer and he’s slowly building confidence in his attacks. He has a great long attack, but forgets he can reach that far,” states head coach Gerhard Guevarra.

Jesus Sierra Jr., whose father is one of All-American Fencing Academy’s assistant coaches, is also showing great enthusiasm for the sport and took second place in his first tournament. Jesus Sr. was a former Cuban National Fencing Team member and Jesus Jr. is quickly emulating his father.

“Jesus Jr., as opposed to Gabe, has got a great defense and a developing offense. It’s been difficult for Jesus’ teammates to get through his blade and land an attack,” Guevarra said.

Jake Thompson took first place in his first competition, and looks to be one of the strongest youth fencers. Jake’s fencing is very systematic and you can clearly see problem solving skills to create attacks and touches that he wants.

“He doesn’t appear to be aggressive, but he’s clean, calm and he knows how to score,” said Guevarra. “I love to watch him fence because he uses everything he’s been taught, finds weaknesses and is consistent when he finds a way to score.”

Gabe, Jesus and Jake are only three members of All-American Fencing Academy’s team of youth fencers. You can find them on Tuesday nights consistently working hard, learning from their coaches and from each other.

For a full hour, you can find these young kids, boys and girls, in a sport they love and enjoy. One of the games they play at the school is a fencing version of king of the hill. Gabe, Jesus and Jake have been the kids to beat. The other youth fencers are excited and are eager to take their spot.

The All-American Fencing Academy currently has openings in their beginner classes and takes fencers as young as seven years old.

All-American Fencers Compete in a Team Event

All-American fencers join together to fence for the first time to participate in a rare team event against other fencers in North Carolina. Although Durham’s Mid-South Fencing Club took the gold, Fayetteville’s fencers demonstrate that as a team, they are formidable and ready for any challenge.

The Mid-South Fencing team had experience, both in practice and competitively. They’ve been fencing individually and practice as a team for years, it was a difficult road for any team to travel on.

However, the two All-American Fencing Academy teams hung on to keep the scores relatively close. Veteran fencers Dale Dingle and Francis Cicchini were able to either hold of a rampant lead or close the gap while newer competitors like Brianna Osinski and Stephanie Mahaney used the opportunity to strengthen their competitive skills.

“Brianna and Stephanie are two of our hardest working fencers. They love the sport and they love to learn, they’re trying to soak in everything they’ve been taught and fencing very smartly,” Guevarra said.

Brianna and Stephanie are two of All-American Fencing Academy’s growing number of female fencers, and right now they’re two of All-American’s top female competitors.

The fencers now are getting ready for the North American Cup at Atlanta in February. The North American Cup fields over 150 fencers each year in each of its events and the All-American Fencing Academy will be sending a good group of fencers this year.

“I’m positive that one or two of us will make it in the top 8 in their events. Assistant coaches Paul Hovey, John Page and Jesus Sierra are all expected to compete and place well,” Guevarra said.

Also planning to participate in Atlanta are Dingle, Osinski, Cicchini, and Julianne Young.

Young is one of our newest competitors, currently coached by Hovey. Fencing is her senior project.

About the All-American Fencing Academy

The All-American Fencing Academy is located in Downtown Fayetteville. Its coaching staff includes former NCAA fencers, national team fencers and World Cup fencers. The All-American Fencing Academy provides training and instruction for recreational and competitive fencing for students ages 7 and up; beginner classes start every month. Group lessons and private lessons are also available for all three weapons (foil, epee and sabre).

Soccer in Stedman

December 9, 2008

As usual, there’s soccer action afoot in Stedman.

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What’s new in Stedman?

December 1, 2008

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