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The latest from Hope Mills

February 25, 2009

After a few e-mails and a phone call from Maxey Dove, we’ve got the playoff situation figured out in Hope Mills.

Want to see?

It’s on the Hope Mills page.

Hope Mills standings

February 23, 2009

As the title suggests, out buddy Maxie Dove has sent over the latest batch of standings from Hope Mills’ basketball leagues.

I could put them here, but then you would get to click (and add a site hit) on the Hope Mills page.

Dragons compete in state championships

February 23, 2009

This came in from our friend Jon Meier, coach of the Fayetteville YMCA Sea Dragons…

The Fayetteville YMCA Sea Dragons competed at the 2009 North Carolina Swimming age group state championships on Feb. 19–22.

Connor Johnson led the team with a 2nd place finish in the 50 yard breaststroke, a 3rd place finish in the 100 yard backstroke with a time of 1:02.33, four 4th place finishes in the 100 yard Individual Medley (1:03.37), 50 yard butterfly (27.76), 50 yard freestyle (25.64), 50 yard backstroke (29.09), a 7th place finish in the 100 yard Freestyle (56.61) and a 8th place finish in the 100 yard butterfly (1:03.34).

Nicole Tronolone qualified for the Southeastern US senior sectional championships consisting of the top swimmers from North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana by placing 4th in the 1650 yard freestyle (17:49.72), 6th in the 1000 yard freestyle (10:43.10), and also placed 7th in the 500 yard freestyle (5:16.80).

Maura Morris qualified for the sectional championships by placing 18th in the 100 yard backstroke (1:17.61), and 25th in the 50 yard backstroke (36.21).

Scott House also qualified for the sectional championships by placing 25th in the 50 yard backstroke (36.45).

Overall, the Sea Dragons placed 21st out of over 57 teams eligible for the event with 156 points.

More from the Bucs

February 23, 2009

As I’ve tried to express, this site is all about user participation.

Angie Morris is listening.

Check out the new pictures she sent over from the Stoney Point Bucs’ basketball team over on, you guessed it, the Stoney Point page.

All-American Fencing Academy update

February 20, 2009

Gerhard Guevarra

We got this note in from our friend Gerhard Guevarra at the All-American Fencing Academy… 

Fayetteville Fencers Ready for the North American Cup

With one week left, Fayetteville’s top fencers squeeze in as much training and practice as they can before leaving for fencing’s North American Cup in Atlanta.

A record eight fencers from Fayetteville’s All-American Fencing Academy will be competing in seven different events.

For the first time, Fayetteville will be also fielding fencers in Veteran’s and Women’s events.

John Page will be fencing in the Veteran’s and Division III Men’s Foil. While Stephanie Mahaney and Brianna Osinski lead the way for Fayetteville in the Division III Women’s Foil.

Veteran North American Cup fencers Paul Hovey, Derek Secord and Gerhard Guevarra are looking for a good finish in their respective events.

Hovey is one of All-American Fencing Academy’s seasoned fencers is confident for a top 32 placement, placing higher than his previous finish.

Guevarra has a tougher road ahead of him. He, too, is looking for a higher placement after finishing 12th, 8th and 4th in his previous North American Cups.

“It’s going to feel like everyone is out to get me,” he said. “I completely expect to win this tournament, but it definitely won’t be easy.”

Guevarra was North Carolina’s state champion in 2008.

Fayetteville Fencers Earn Medal at Airborne Open

In one last push for a confidence builder and skills test, Fayetteville’s fencers were put to one more challenge at the Airborne Open recently, where Page pulled away a third place finish against a dominating Raleigh contingency.

Fencers from Wilmington, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro and Fayetteville met for the competition at the All-American Fencing Academy.

Page was the All-American Fencing Academy’s “sleeper.” John Page had just recently gotten back into fencing after almost 30 years. His last active competitive season was during his years at New York University with then teammate and 1984 Olympic bronze medalist, Peter Westbrook.

He could easily be underestimated. This grey fox in fencing is short, his equipment looks dated, but his moves are sharp, precise and his point control is unmistakably accurate. As his opponents discovered in his pools, if they were unable to stop his attack, his point always found its target.

Page easily rolled through his opponents, but would take one loss to Raleigh’s Stephen Pashby in a close bout ending in a score of 5-4.

“We had a great turnout of fencers. Our last two tournaments gave Fayetteville an excellent opportunity to see how we will fair in Atlanta.” Guevarra, who is also the team’s head coach, said.

The top eight finishers won “swag bags.” According to Guevarra, the All-American Fencing Academy’s has become famous for their swag bags for the top finishers. Fencers all over the east coast have come to expect them.

“The term was originally coined by one of the winners and posted a picture of the prize on her blog and labeled it ‘swag bag’. So the name stuck,” Guevarra said.

The swag bags all included prizes from tournament sponsors including Moore Exposure, the Airborne Special Operations Museum and Army Recruiting.


The All-American Fencing Academy is located in Downtown Fayetteville at 207 B Donaldspn St. The All-American Fencing Academy instructs and trains recreational and competitive fencers from ages 7 to Adult. Its fencers compete regionally and nationally. Their coaches include former World Cup, NCAA and Foreign National Team fencers.

For more information about the All-American Fencing Academy, please call 728-4924 or visit

Hope Mills standings

February 18, 2009

We’ve got the latest standings in from our friend Maxey Dove over in Hope Mills.

Cruise over to the Hope Mills page to see them.

Mac Williams grapplers finish 13-0

February 18, 2009

Mac Williams Middle School Wrestling team 

I’ve got to say thank you to Coach Jonathan Dent for letting me know about his wrestling team finishing the 2008-2009 season 13-0.

The team members are:

Back row, left to right, Coach Joe Swann, Brennan Coulliard, Marcus Bolling, Earl Johnson, Spencer Faircloth, Matthew Schuler, Michael Schuler, Zack Buie, Jamie Morrison, Bobby McLemore, Jewell Edmonds, Jonathan Wells and coach Jonathan Dent

Third row, Burlington Peacock, Aaron Smith, Sebastian Britt, Eric McKoy, Aaron Carr, Jacob Geddie, Kevin Daniels, Hunter Brock, Evan Burks, Nick Griffin, Conrad McKoy, Mackenzie Jessup and Jeremy Cole

Second row (kneeling), Tyler Autry, Howie Urban, Zach Stewart, Jim Hall and Jared Miles

Front row (sitting), Dylan Hall, Alex Martinez, Mychal Bohlnader and Zach Barr

Basketball playoff brackets

February 18, 2009

Is basketball season almost over already?

Our good friend Michael Seals sent us the playoff brackets for the Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation Department youth basketball leagues.

You have to follow the links on the site, and then open an Excel file.


Or, to see them by division…

9-10 Boys A

9-10 B

9-10 Girls

11-12 A

11-12 B

11-12 Girls

13-14 A

13-14 B


Fayetteville-Cumberland Basketball Standings

February 16, 2009

Like a finely tuned Swiss timepiece, Fayetteville-Cumberland athletic director Michael Seals comes through with this week’s standings:


Want to be a wrestling All-American?

February 13, 2009

This came in from our friend Marty Bartram…


Team All American is a tri-county team that will compete at the Snakebite National Duals on May 2-3 in Fayetteville. Wrestlers from Hoke, Harnett, and Cumberland County are invited to compete for a position on the middle school team or the high school team.

Tryouts will be on March 22 at 1 p.m. at Jack Britt High School. You must be within three pounds of the weight class you are competing for on March 22. If there is enough interest we will fill a Red and a Blue team for MS and HS. You must have a USA card to compete in the tryouts and the Snakebite National Duals. Entry fee for the tryouts is $10.

Email Marty to register.

In addition, coaches interested in coaching Team All American should call or email Marty Bartram.

POTENTIAL TEAM SPONSORS SHOULD also contact Bartram or call 824-0024.

Tournament Web Site:

Middle School Dual Team Roster Information

The weight classes for the event are: 77, 84, 91, 98, 105, 112, 120, 128, 136, 144, 152, 160, 175, 190, 210, and HWT. Tenths will be dropped at weigh-ins to accommodate scale differences. Competitors must have been born in 1994 or after, AND be enrolled in middle school (or junior high), 6th through 8th Grade. Each Participant should bring proof of age and grade with them to the event. A team shall consist of up to: 16 weight classes, 4 alternates, and 1 table worker.

High School Dual Team Roster Information

The weight classes for the event are: 98, 103, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 171, 189, 215, and HWT. Tenths will be dropped at weigh-ins to accommodate scale differences. Competitors must be enrolled in high school and not be over 19 years of age on the day of the tournament. Each Participant should bring proof of age and grade with them to the event. A team shall consist of up to: 15 weight classes, 4 alternates, and 1 table worker.

Check out the tournament flyer here: