Stars and stripes flying high

Stars and Stripes Skating Academy

Wow, that’s another really bad pun. Anyway, our friend Liz Egetoe sent this in:

On March 28, 22 talented skaters from Fort Bragg traveled to the Hampton Roads Ice Plex in Hampton Roads, Va., to participate in the Second Annual Spring Fling Competition. Most of the skaters were involved in three, four, five or even six events. The Fort Bragg Stars and Stripes Skating Academy accepted SECOND PLACE OVERALL IN TEAM POINTS.

The excitement level was through the roof for the duration of the entire day. Each skater shined with remarkable presentation! Their months of vigorous training definitely paid off! The compliments just kept coming from spectators, fellow competitors, coaches and judges. This local team proudly earned 25 second places and an astounding 39 first place medals!

Their incredible sense of accomplishment gave them the “Competition Bug.” They are back to their dynamic training schedules and are eager for their next team competition. Keep an eye out for these brilliant local Olympic hopefuls!

The team members, pictured above, are: Top, left to right, Coach Amy Bedell, Casey Levesque, Ashley Beshlin, Aubrie Roszell, Ann-Marie Miller, Grace Zanders, Kiersten Hines, Jamie Alexander, Ariana Bostick, Cambrie Parsons and Coach Liz Egetoe. Middle row, Amber Steele, Katie Hamilton, Kate McCosh and Briana Paszko. Bottom row, Lilley Battles, Jasmine Bourque, Georgia Swanson, Jennifer Hamm, Melina Matthews, Amber DeRouin and Mackenzie Riley.

For any questions, please contact Liz Egetoe at 910-232-6116 or


6 Responses to “Stars and stripes flying high”

  1. Lakisha Canady-Toussaint Says:

    Congratulations Mackenzie. I know you really enjoy skating and that you add extra zest to your team. Congratulations to Everyone, you’ve all done very well!!! Auntie ~K~

  2. Sherri Levesque Says:

    Congrats to all of the girls! What a great day for all. The smiles on all of our girl’s faces made the day. It was great to see the girls cheering for their teammates-way to go! Keep up the great job. Good luck to the skating team at the upcoming competition. Very proud of you, Casey! Your grandfather would have been so proud of you!

  3. Judy Steele Says:

    GO Amber! You and Kiersten did an Awesome job. Good Luck with the Spring Ice Show May 17th. Love you lots, Momma & Daddy

  4. Amber Steele Says:

    It was so much fun, i can’t wait to go back to Hampton Roads!

  5. cambrie parsons Says:

    it was realy fun but the day was long……..

  6. Amber Says:

    I miss skating!!

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