Dragons celebrate Mother’s Day with meet

This came in from our friend Jon Meier yesterday…

On May 8-10, the YMCA Sea Dragons of Fayetteville competed in the Goldsboro YMCA Mother’s Day Open Long Course Meet held at the Goldsboro YMCA. Overall, the Sea Dragons placed fourth in both the Male and Female divisions and fourth overall.

Winning events for the Sea Dragons were: Nicole Tronolone Girls 1500 meter Freestyle and Girls 200 meter butterfly, Scott House 10 and under boys 50 meter backstroke and 10 and under boys 200 meter individual medley, Connor Johnson 11 – 12 boys 50, 100, and 200 meter freestyle, 11 – 12 boys 50 and 100 meter backstroke, 11 – 12 boys 50 and 100 meter breaststroke, and 11 – 12 boys 50 and 100 meter butterfly, Frank Ramirez Boys 50 meter freestyle, and Dustin Dyer boys 200 and 400 meter freestyle.

Frank Ramirez qualified for the North Carolina Senior championships held on July 22nd – 26th in Charlotte.

Nicole Tronolone, Connor Johnson, and Scott House qualified for the North Carolina 14 and Under championships held in Cary on July 15th – 19th.

To see the complete team results, click below:

Female Open 1500 Free
 1, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 18:42.78L.
Male Open 1500 Free
 2, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 18:13.76L.
Female Open 50 Free
 20, Osuna, Nicolette A, SEA, 35.56L.
Male Open 50 Free
 1, Ramirez, Frank M, SEA, 26.66L. 4, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 28.65L.
Female 10&U 200 IM
 4, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 3:28.71L. 11, Osuna, Maddi, SEA, 4:12.99L. 12, Barnes,
 Nicole G, SEA, 4:58.05L.
Male 10&U 200 IM
 1, House, Scott, SEA, 3:17.79L.
Female 12&U 200 IM
 4, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 3:15.13L. 5, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 3:19.72L.
Male 12&U 200 IM
 10, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 3:41.26L.
Female Open 400 IM
 3, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 5:51.22L. 15, Osuna, Nicolette A, SEA, 6:55.48L.
Male Open 400 IM
 6, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 5:28.95L.
Female 10&U 200 Free
 7, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 3:06.82L. 15, Bresser, Emma E, SEA, 3:26.00L. 29, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 3:53.39L. 31, Osuna, Maddi, SEA, 3:59.25L. 32, Creech, Hannah G, SEA, 3:59.61L.
Male 10&U 200 Free
 8, House, Scott, SEA, 2:57.01L.
Female 12&U 200 Free
 15, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 2:47.82L. 20, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 2:50.04L. 38, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 3:25.80L. 44, Creech, Jessica F, SEA, 3:40.54L.
Male 12&U 200 Free
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 2:25.15L. 3, Morris, Connor A, SEA, 2:35.42L. 25, Bresser, Jack, SEA, 3:10.09L. 26, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 3:11.12L. 32, Gothard, William D, SEA, 3:21.14L. 37, Remigio, Luis D, SEA, 3:42.70L. 39, Caldwell, Greg, SEA, 4:05.85L.
Female 08&U 50 Breast
 10, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 1:04.35L. 17, Creech, Hannah G, SEA, 1:13.00L.
Female 10&U 50 Breast
 10, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 54.62L. 12, Bresser, Emma E, SEA, 55.45L. 14, Osuna, Maddi, SEA, 56.51L. 40, Schafer, Shelby A, SEA, 1:08.67L. 43, Barnes, Nicole G, SEA, 1:12.21L. 46, Mushtare, Vanessa R, SEA, 1:15.76L. 47, Long, Emma H, SEA, 1:24.14L.
Male 10&U 50 Breast
 3, House, Scott, SEA, 48.90L.
Female 12&U 50 Breast
 21, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 51.11L. 25, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 51.90L. 36, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 58.18L. 37, Creech, Jessica F, SEA, 59.00L.
Male 12&U 50 Breast
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 36.08L. 8, Gothard, William D, SEA, 48.36L. 9, Morris, Connor A, SEA, 48.65L. 14, Bresser, Jack, SEA, 52.40L. 26, Remigio, Luis D, SEA, 1:03.85L.
Female 10&U 100 Fly
 6, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 1:53.21L.
Female 12&U 100 Fly
 15, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 1:40.44L. 18, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 1:47.58L.
Male 12&U 100 Fly
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 1:14.14L. 4, Morris, Connor A, SEA, 1:27.26L.
Female 08&U 50 Free
 9, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 47.56L.
Male 08&U 50 Free
 12, Johnson, Lance M, SEA, 1:45.78L. 13, Long, Aidan J, SEA, 1:54.36L.
Female 10&U 50 Free
 7, Bresser, Emma E, SEA, 39.05L. 10, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 40.13L. 36, Osuna, Maddi, SEA, 49.08L. 40, Barnes, Nicole G, SEA, 50.75L. 45, Schafer, Shelby A, SEA, 53.49L. 47, Mushtare, Vanessa R, SEA, 56.63L. 48, Long, Emma H, SEA, 59.21L.
Male 10&U 50 Free
 3, House, Scott, SEA, 34.95L. Female 12&U 50 Free
 11, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 35.11L. 22, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 36.16L. 43, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 43.67L. 46, Creech, Jessica F, SEA, 46.82L
Male 12&U 50 Free
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 29.96L. 9, Morris, Connor A, SEA, 34.31L. 22, Bresser, Jack, SEA, 38.51L. 27, Gothard, William D, SEA, 39.44L. 32, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 40.83L. 37, Remigio, Luis D, SEA, 44.03L. 41, Caldwell, Greg, SEA, 50.36L.
Female 10&U 100 Back
 6, Bresser, Emma E, SEA, 1:41.92L. 29, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 2:01.75L. 35, Osuna, Maddi, SEA, 2:06.94L. 47, Barnes, Nicole G, SEA, 2:18.53L.
Male 10&U 100 Back
 2, House, Scott, SEA, 1:31.37L.
Female 12&U 100 Back
 18, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 1:34.14L. 21, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 1:34.52L. 30, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 1:49.21L.
Male 12&U 100 Back
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 1:15.09L. 10, Morris, Connor A, SEA, 1:31.05L. 30, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 1:48.54L. 33, Remigio, Luis D, SEA, 1:59.59L. 37, Caldwell, Greg, SEA, 2:07.71L.
Female Open 200 Free
 2, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 2:18.18L. 36, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 2:51.13L. 38, Osuna, Nicolette A, SEA, 2:52.31L.
Male Open 200 Free
 1, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 2:11.71L. 11, Ramirez, Frank M, SEA, 2:25.78L. 21, Gothard, Lowell, SEA, 2:36.73L. 26, Whitney, Jordan S, SEA, 2:59.36L. 29, Mines, Daniel, SEA, 3:12.09L.
Female Open 100 Breast
 21, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 1:42.62L. 30, Osuna, Nicolette A, SEA, 1:46.24L.
Male Open 100 Breast
 6, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 1:25.42L. 7, Ramirez, Frank M, SEA, 1:25.58L. 11, Gothard, Lowell, SEA, 1:30.47L. 25, Mines, Daniel, SEA, 2:01.93L.
Female Open 200 Fly
 1, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 2:49.62L. 6, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 3:30.73L.
Female Open 100 Back
 3, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 1:19.32L.
Male Open 100 Back
 5, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 1:10.88L. 16, Gothard, Lowell, SEA, 1:26.08L. 20,
 Mines, Daniel, SEA, 1:31.56L. 23, Whitney, Jordan S, SEA, 1:33.70L.
Female Open 200 IM
 7, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 2:50.57L. 22, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 3:07.99L.
Male Open 200 IM
 4, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 2:31.03L. 21, Whitney, Jordan S, SEA, 3:19.26L.
Female 10&U 100 Free
 8, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 1:26.99L. 28, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 1:47.89L. 41, Schafer, Shelby A, SEA, 1:59.32L. 46, Barnes, Nicole G, SEA, 2:07.22L.
Male 10&U 100 Free
 6, House, Scott, SEA, 1:20.15L.
Female 12&U 100 Free
 18, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 1:19.22L. 19, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 1:20.02L. 27, Bresko, Abbey, SEA, 1:25.98L. 31, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 1:33.38L.
Male 12&U 100 Free
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 1:06.25L. 26, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 1:28.04L.
Female 08&U 50 Back
 6, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 56.58L.
Female 10&U 50 Back
 9, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 50.16L. 26, Schafer, Shelby A, SEA, 1:03.31L. 28, Barnes, Nicole G, SEA, 1:06.21L.
Male 10&U 50 Back
 1, House, Scott, SEA, 40.98L.
Female 12&U 50 Back
 8, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 41.27L. 25, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 45.11L. 27,
 Bresko, Abbey, SEA, 46.37L. 33, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 49.82L.
Male 12&U 50 Back
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 34.15L. 29, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 50.26L. 32, Khlebnikov, Danila A, SEA, 51.69L.
Female 10&U 100 Breast
12, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 2:02.59L. 24, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 2:22.85L. 30, Barnes, Nicole G, SEA, 2:32.47L.
Male 10&U 100 Breast
 3, House, Scott, SEA, 1:48.57L.
Female 12&U 100 Breast
 21, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 1:53.15L. 26, Bresko, Abbey, SEA, 1:54.28L. 31, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 1:59.63L. 32, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 2:00.59L.
Male 12&U 100 Breast
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 1:22.73L. 24, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 2:04.69L.
Female 08&U 50 Fly
 7, Roberts, Amiya O, SEA, 1:03.48L.
Female 10&U 50 Fly
 10, Bailey, Alexis, SEA, 51.20L. 24, Schafer, Shelby A, SEA, 1:12.72L. 27, Barnes, Nicole G, SEA, 1:25.41L.
Male 10&U 50 Fly
 7, House, Scott, SEA, 44.44L.
Female 12&U 50 Fly
 17, Bailey, Liana E, SEA, 42.71L. 20, Barnes, Brooke A, SEA, 43.39L. 24, Bresko, Abbey, SEA, 44.12L. 32, Tanguay, Kaitlin, SEA, 54.98L.
Male 12&U 50 Fly
 1, Johnson, Connor M, SEA, 31.59L. 21, Dyer, Devin, SEA, 47.97L. 25, Khlebnikov, Danila A, SEA, 50.67L.
Female Open 100 Free
 7, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 1:07.36L. 36, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 1:18.22L.
Male Open 100 Free
 2, Ramirez, Frank M, SEA, 1:00.60L. 4, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 1:01.32L. 24, Mines, Daniel, SEA, 1:20.78L. 25, Whitney, Jordan S, SEA, 1:25.16L.
Female Open 200 Back
 3, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 2:43.65L.
Male Open 200 Back
 5, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 2:31.90L. 8, Ramirez, Frank M, SEA, 2:51.06L. 13, Mines, Daniel, SEA, 3:34.27L.
Female Open 100 Fly
 5, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 1:18.17L. 14, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 1:26.93L.
Male Open 100 Fly
 6, Ramirez, Frank M, SEA, 1:09.83L. 8, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 1:10.66L. 20, Mines, Daniel, SEA, 2:05.26L.
Female Open 200 Breast
 15, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 3:41.18L.
Male Open 200 Breast
 8, Ramirez, Frank M, SEA, 3:14.92L. 15, Whitney, Jordan S, SEA, 3:45.29L.
Female Open 400 Free
 2, Tronolone, Nicole S, SEA, 4:44.77L. 28, Herrington, Susan M, SEA, 5:58.82L.
Male Open 400 Free
 1, Dyer, Dustin M, SEA, 4:40.92L. 17, Whitney, Jordan S, SEA, 6:25.37L.


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