Fayetteville-Cumberland shuffles schedules

From our friend Fred Clark…

Due to the youth basketball games and instructional basketball camps that were postponed on Saturday, Jan. 30, we will move all postponed games and instructional basketball camps to Saturday, Feb. 27, as it appeared on the original schedule of games for the postponed date. The following sites will be affected by these changes posted:

Gray’s Creek Recreation Center
A. The game that was scheduled on Saturday, Feb. 27, 7-8 year youth basketball at 9 a.m. has been moved to Thursday, Feb. 25, at 6 p.m. Please inform both coaches of the Gray’s Creek Tigers and Gray’s Creek Tarheels of this change.

Anne Chesnutt Middle School
Scheduled games for Saturday, Feb. 27 from the postponed games of Saturday, Jan. 30.

All Instructional Basketball Camps
A. All instructional basketball camps will be scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 27 under the scheduled format of the instructors. This will be the last day of instructional basketball camps.

Douglas Byrd High School
No games scheduled on Saturday, Feb. 27 at your site. Please be prepared for Saturday, March 6 if needed.

FCPR youth basketball tournament is tentatively scheduled to start on Monday, March 1 and run through March 20 at a site to be determined.

Please communicate this to all of your coaches, officials, parents and players. Ensure that you will have athletic support staff for these activitie at your host site.

Once again, thank each and everyone of you for your outstanding support. Be ready for the unexpected.

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