Lake Rim basketball update

From our friend Ali Watts…

All this past week I sat courtside watching our kids play basketball. I love them and I love the game. I approached quite a few parents and told them I had plenty of pictures of their kids playing and some were surprised – others not so much so. There was even a point this week that I yelled a player’s name and he turned to look at me – surprised to see me there, but smiled and kept playing. These are my kids too.

I have a 10 year old that plays with the Spurs (yes the big guy is only 10) but I feel like all of these players are mine in a small way. I’ve watched them play for so long – some of the players that I coached on my 7-8 year old team are now on 11-12 year old teams like the Tar Heels and the Celtics….others on the Bulls. I’ve watched them and their abilities grow and have made new friends. I was approached a couple of weeks ago while watching another team play by a parent who asked why I don’t write about Cliffdale – why I hadn’t been out there to take their picture? I could only tell her that Lake Rim is my home. I couldn’t explain it any differently but coming from an Army brat who’s now retired Air Force who lives in a town that is primarily military that’s a big thing for me. But it may just be me. I’ve never lived anywhere as long as I’ve lived here.

So as I sadly watched some of my teams get eliminated I was noticeably disappointed. Yes I was hoping for total Lake Rim/EE Miller domination of the tournament – both 9-10 and 11-12! As of press time I’m not sure if the 11-12 Celtics made it through the weekend. I am glad, however, that I got to watch as many games as I did and I was so proud of our players because there wasn’t one player who displayed anything besides good sportsmanship at every game that I watched over the past week.

The Spurs play Westover Heat tonight at 6 at Kiwanis. I can’t promise pictures but I’ll do my best (my hands get a little shaky when it’s my kid playing!) But I can promise you it will be a good game!

Players of the week this week are all of the parents, coaches and kids who shook hands with us over the week and wished us good luck – telling us to bring it home to Lake Rim. (There were a lot of well-wishers – thanks!)

See you courtside! Go Lake Rim/EE Miller!!!!


One Response to “Lake Rim basketball update”

  1. Ali Watts Says:

    Unfortunately the Spurs were defeated by the Westover Heat tonight – but I’m so proud of the players! We did the best we could with what we had – a couple of key players thought the game was at 7 and we missed them…but overall we had a great season! See you next season – courtside as usual!!!

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