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Recognizing the winners

July 22, 2008

I took a trip today over to B&B Bowling for an awards ceremony.

It wasn’t any ordinary celebration, either. It was far more special.

The Special Populations Adult Bowling League honored its recent Special Olympians, who competed in the Midsummer Tournament in Raleigh on July 18-20, awarded medals to each league members and passed out a few season-ending awards as well.

It was the kind of scene that’s the perfect cure for anything that ails you. Feeling a little blue? Watch as Melissa Durocher walks so fast that she has to be¬†encouraged to slow down on her way to get her trophy for High Handicap Game.

And that was after she slipped a few minutes earlier as she was speeding up front to get her league medal.

If you could bottle the smiles, high-fives, hugs and cheers from that room and sell it world-wide, there’d be peace on earth in less time than it takes to bowl a perfect game.

It’s hard to sit in a room with such unmitigated joy and not be affected by it. In all, 81 bowlers were honored. The ones in attendance walked to the front, one-by-one, to receive their medals, beaming with the pride normally associated with the ordinary Olympics.

I particularly liked the camouflage T-shirts that said: “Special Olympics of North Carolina, Cumberland County, We support our troops and our troops support us.”

That was cool.

I took a few pictures:

And some video:

Click below to check out the award winners.