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The need for speed…bags

August 31, 2009

From Bill Ransom…

I am writing this due to a search for boxing in Hope Mills. The South View High School Marching Band is doing a boxing show for this year.

The show was taken from the DCI Bluecoats. During the manufacture and acquisition of props for the show, we have encountered a minor mishap that requires the need to attempt to have three red speedbags donated. We have three currently that are regulation Everlast red bags and really need three more to match the ones we already have.

I can be contacted at (910) 527-4073.

This show could be a alternate source to promote the growth of the Hope Mills Boxing program.

Local boxing update

August 18, 2009

From our friend Eddie Nazario…

The boxing match slated for Spring Lake this past Saturday was canceled due to the doctor pulling out at the last minute. Without a doctor to do the physicals, and be present at ringside, the show can not go on.

He went on to ask that area doctors consider helping out.

Some clubs even give doctors certified letters so that they may use the event as a tax write off in the amount of $1,000. The event is being worked on for the 22nd of the month.

Hope Mills Boxing update

June 3, 2009

This came in from our good friend Eddie Nazario about some of his recent fighters’ activity in an event at Roanoke Rapids…

The fight took place at the William R. Davie Middle School. I had three gladiators to compete from the Hope Mills Boxing club.

Gozalo Ramirez-Ruiz (143 lbs.) was stopped in the second round by Giovanni Espinosa from the Spring Lake boxing program. Espinosa out classed Gozalo.

Karl Briales (121 lbs.) from Hope Mills Boxing Club was out boxed by Desean Hendriks from the Roanoke Rapids boxing program.

Angel Perez (130 lbs.), the Hope Mills boxing champion, won a three-round decision over Thomas Davison. Perez took control of the match in the first round and he never looked back. He clearly out boxed his opponent.

I have given the boxers a week off, and then we will get ready for a boxing show at Mendoza Park in Spring Lake on Aug. 15.

Boxing update

May 14, 2009

Maybe you remember a post I had on a boxing program going on over in Hope Mills.

Anyway, here’s an update from Coach Eddie Nazario…

At the present time, I am training three fighters to compete in a boxing show (Jasards Boxing Club Tournament) in Roanoke Rapids on May 30.

The Hope Mills champion, Angel Perez, a 17-year-old, 132-pounder with Karl Briales, a 17-year-old, 125-pounder and Gonzalo Ramirez-Ruiz at 16 years old and 141 pounds will represent our community in the ring.

Pulling no punches

March 27, 2009

I spent an hour or so watching a few young men in Hope Mills train for an upcoming Sandspur story about a youth boxer.

Naturally, I brought along my surprisingly cooperative video camera and took a few shots.

For clarity’s sake, the man in red is Eddie Nazario. The boxer in black is Angel Perez, the larger fighter is Alex Teixdor and the other one is Karlos Briales.

The story is slated to appear in the April 8 edition.

Until then, enjoy…