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Photography vs. practicality

May 22, 2008

There was a jeer in today’s “Cheers and Jeers” from Tammy Hibbard in Hope Mills that I found interesting:

“Jeers to the photographer taking pictures for a youth sports program. The children are taken into a building, and no parents are allowed inside.

“I’m a single parent with four children playing sports. I just couldn’t afford pictures. I asked to come in to take a picture of the team for my girls. The owner of the company became agitated. He didn’t take me aside and explain his policy. He made sure everyone around me knew my situation.

“I had my girls stay and take the team picture. When they started individual pictures, I called my girls out so we could leave.

“The owner of the company began yelling. These are my children, and he’s telling me I can’t take them. I don’t think so!”

I spent a summer working for a company in North Carolina that went around to different rec leagues and snapped team and individual pictures. I wasn’t there for this one, but I never had this kind of exchange with a parent.

Of course, I didn’t sequester the team and yell at parents, either.

I’m sure that some people would go through the trouble to take their own picture, have it blown up to a 5×7 or 8×10 and not buy the official one from the photography company. But really, aren’t most people going to buy one as part of some really big, expensive package that will provide enough wallets and snapshots to scatter about the family tree?

I think so.

We had a batch of school pictures that we absolutely hated. There was a weird look on my son’s face, it was cropped funny and the packages offered with only slightly cheaper than a trip to the gas pump.

But we bought some anyway.

Most people, I’d wager, react that way to pictures of their kids.

So, really, there’s no reason for anyone to be so hateful – especially when dealing with a single parent with four kids – when selling them.