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Cross Creek Cycling Club results

March 16, 2010

From Col. Mike Thomas…

The Cross Creek Cycling Club Racing Team continues to have impressive performances into the second racing event of the Carolinas Cycling Association. 

In the second race of the season on Feb. 27 at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont,  Mike Scheer powered to 7th in his first race ever. AJ DeLauder followed Scherr to a 10th place finish.  Richard Kirby was able to hang on to the break away for a 3rd place finish.  Team C4 placed all its riders in the top 10. 

In the third race of the season, the team traveled to Columbia, S.C., to race in the Blythewood Roubaix Classic Road Race.   The course was a 6-mile loop; of which about ½ mile was hard-packed dirt road. Congrats to Richard Kirby placing 4th (Cat 4). Michael Eynon placed 5th in Cat 5 and Mike Scheer placed 6 in Cat 5. In the Sunday Criterium at Blythewood, Richard Kirby placed 3rd in a hard fought race.

Next Saturday, the C4 Racing team travels to New London, for the Uwharrie Wheelmen Road Race on March 20.

Learning about Cyclo-Cross

October 19, 2009


Got this information from Col. Mike Thomas…

Cyclo-Cross is an exciting form of bicycle racing held during fall/winter months. Sometimes know as the “steeplechase” of bicycle racing, cyclo-cross combines elements of road racing, criterium racing and mountain bike racing into a sport raced on a variety of surfaces.

Cyclo-Cross is a timed event held over a course 2.5km-3.5km in length with multiple laps raced by the riders. Courses take racers over a combination of terrain such as asphalt road, grass, dirt paths, mud, gravel and sand. Cyclo-cross racing is about transitions from one type of surface to another, from one section to another, from one speed to another.

Races are held in all sorts of weather conditions and are rarely cancelled. Cyclo-cross bikes look like road bikes but have cantilever style brakes and knobby tires.

During some parts of the course there are areas that may require a rider to dismount and carry or run with the bicycle. Modern cyclo-cross courses can have one set of artificial barriers (usually boards 40cm high set 4 meter apart). Steep hills, mud and sand also force riders to dismount.

The sport has grown tremendously in North Carolina. Check out the state organiztion’s Web site here.

We have a great CX program in Fayetteville through the Cross Creek Cycling Club. Our first race is this Saturday in Cary at Bond Park and in Raleigh on Sunday.

In addition, we will host a race in Fayetteville on Jan. 17, 2010 as part of the Winter Series.

Check out the club’s Web site for more details.