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Southern Dance X’treme team shines in Raleigh

March 25, 2009

Dance team 1Dance team 2

Thanks to Lisa Raper for sending this in.

At the top is a picture of the “Combat” tap team in action. Next is a shot of the “Wild Child” team members, from the bottom left and clockwise: Lauren Reames, Alexis Baldwin, Avery Pope, Jacquelyn McGaha, Courtney Davis, Jacqueline Kate Pope, Aryan Davenport and Haley Raper.

These girls tried out last summer and earned a place on the competition team “Southern Dance X’treme” competition team. They practice four nights a week at the World of Dance Studio and have been rehearsing since July of last year to prepare the competitions.

Their dance teachers are studio owner Ms. Courtney Bill along with the wonderful Mrs. Elina and Ms. Taylor.

We attended our first competition last weekend in Raleigh (Encore DCS) and the girls placed well:

Real Wild Child/Jazz – 1st Place in JAZZ catagory, 1st Place overall and the dance teacher Ms Courtney was also awarded most entertaining choreography of the day for that dance.

Combat/Tap – Placed 1st in TAP catagory and 3rd overall.

Rain/Lyrical – 1st in catagory

They will be attending their second competition the first weekend in April in Charleston, S.C.