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Lake Rim basketball update

March 15, 2010

From our friend Ali Watts…

All this past week I sat courtside watching our kids play basketball. I love them and I love the game. I approached quite a few parents and told them I had plenty of pictures of their kids playing and some were surprised – others not so much so. There was even a point this week that I yelled a player’s name and he turned to look at me – surprised to see me there, but smiled and kept playing. These are my kids too.

I have a 10 year old that plays with the Spurs (yes the big guy is only 10) but I feel like all of these players are mine in a small way. I’ve watched them play for so long – some of the players that I coached on my 7-8 year old team are now on 11-12 year old teams like the Tar Heels and the Celtics….others on the Bulls. I’ve watched them and their abilities grow and have made new friends. I was approached a couple of weeks ago while watching another team play by a parent who asked why I don’t write about Cliffdale – why I hadn’t been out there to take their picture? I could only tell her that Lake Rim is my home. I couldn’t explain it any differently but coming from an Army brat who’s now retired Air Force who lives in a town that is primarily military that’s a big thing for me. But it may just be me. I’ve never lived anywhere as long as I’ve lived here.

So as I sadly watched some of my teams get eliminated I was noticeably disappointed. Yes I was hoping for total Lake Rim/EE Miller domination of the tournament – both 9-10 and 11-12! As of press time I’m not sure if the 11-12 Celtics made it through the weekend. I am glad, however, that I got to watch as many games as I did and I was so proud of our players because there wasn’t one player who displayed anything besides good sportsmanship at every game that I watched over the past week.

The Spurs play Westover Heat tonight at 6 at Kiwanis. I can’t promise pictures but I’ll do my best (my hands get a little shaky when it’s my kid playing!) But I can promise you it will be a good game!

Players of the week this week are all of the parents, coaches and kids who shook hands with us over the week and wished us good luck – telling us to bring it home to Lake Rim. (There were a lot of well-wishers – thanks!)

See you courtside! Go Lake Rim/EE Miller!!!!


Lake Rim basketball update

March 8, 2010

From our friend Ali Watts…

Make-up Game 2- Last season game – An abbreviated version

I’d had the introduction to this update written the night before the last game but I had to start over. I was prepared to write a relatively short update knowing that tournament week was fast approaching but all that changed. And for those who were present at the games Saturday – we know why.

The first game of the last day is the Spurs against the Pirates. Only four Pirates showed up. “Kids don’t quit – it’s the parents that gave up” a parent next to me said. So the few Pirates that did show up played stress free against a few Spurs to pass the time. A couple of parents acted as refs and we – parents and coaches and kids – enjoyed ourselves. That was when all the fun ended.

The second game featured the Blue Devils and the Celtics. I could write pages about what happened in this game but I will only say this: it takes a special person to be a coach and a parent. It also takes something extra to coach your kid – boy or girl. All it takes is a foul – hard, flagrant or not – to flip that switch from coach or assistant coach to Daddy. The chaos that ensued caused a 15 minute delay in the game but the Celtics won 31-11. At press time, I can say that Jada Stinson is OK but Celtics head coach Munns suffered a stroke not long after the game and is recovering at Cape Fear Valley. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, but knowing him as I do he’ll be courtside by tournament round two!

The Magic and the Tar Heels had WAY less drama and honestly we (the refs, staff, parents and myself) were so grateful! But the Magic outplayed the Tarheels and won 42-10.

Only good drama for the rest of the day – the Bulls and Knicks were both looking for a win and were actually pretty evenly matched for the first half. Right before the end of the first quarter, Nathaniel Soto of the Bulls nails a half-court buzzer beater and even though he looked as shocked as the rest of us the crowd went wild! But the Bulls can’t hang on- the Knicks won 24-12.

The Celtics proved too much for the Heat and won 40-12. The Tar Heels proved too much for the Cougars as well and won 42-18.

So we’ve spent the past seven weeks or so battling each other but going into tournament week it’s different. Last year when the Spurs made it to the fourth round I was moved to see Blue Devils, Tar Heels, Celtics, other teams, rec staff, parents, friends and teachers in the stands cheering the Spurs on! I’d like to be able to do that again but it’s up to us as coaches, parents and players to let each other know how we’re doing.

During the week I’ll be posting updates as I get them as comments to this blog and if you play for, coach for or know about another Lake Rim or EE Miller team and how their game went LET US KNOW!

Post a comment – it only takes a minute to say “9-10 year old Spurs won first round, next game is Thursday at Cliffdale at 7” for example. As our teams play – win or not win- we want to be there to support your team. Unfortunately in the first round we have several teams that play in several different places at the exact same time but if we all attempt to keep each other updated we can support the Lake Rim and/or EE Miller team that makes it the farthest !

See you courtside!

Enjoy the pictures!

Lake Rim basketball update

March 2, 2010

From our friend Ali Watts…

Make up Week 1=Week Four (Right?)

Last week was week 7. Today was the first of the make-up games that were rescheduled from week four and as I predicted the ‘games of the day’ turned out to be such. My only complaint about this week was the bitterly disappointing performance of the officials, whereas last week they were players of the week.

The second half was worse than the first and unfortunately most of my day was spent shaking my head and watching them make the game way more frustrating than it should be.

I had a bad feeling when I walked into the gym for the first game at 8:55 a.m. and there was only one official. The Lake Rim Blue Devils were coming off of a loss last week to the Spurs and the Pirates had a bye week last week. Luckily both the Devils and the Pirates got off to a slow start since they played with one official until nearly halftime. The Blue Devils warmed up though and pulled the win 17-11.

It is said that the Lake Rim Spurs and the E.E. Miller Celtics are two of the best teams in the 9-10 league and this game did not disappoint. It was a shootout from the very beginning and they were tied at 8 by halftime. But it’s the white hot Spurs who pulled ahead in the fourth quarter with key three pointers by Brennan White and Demetrius Jones. The Celtics take their first loss and the Spurs win 21-15. With one loss a piece the Spurs are in a three way tie for first with the Celtics and Magic.

Speaking of the Magic, their task this week is to play the E.E. Miller Allstars. Coming off of the loss last week to the Celtics the Magic are on fire from the very beginning, running the court and making shots at will. The Allstars couldn’t seem to get going today and lost 3-40.

It’s no secret that coming into this week both 9-10 and 11-12 year old Celtics were undefeated, but this week I had the feeling that only one would still be undefeated. The 11-12 year old Lake Rim Celtics are absolutely a well-oiled machine. Even though they were missing their backup center Tolentino, the rest of the team took up the slack. The Bulls had a bye week last week and it showed, both Foy and Lee couldn’t get going and the Celtics score a season high 59 points to the Bulls 8.

The second 11-12 game was the E.E. Miller Heat and the Lake Rim Knicks, both coming off a loss and only one win between them. I predicted this as a good game because both teams were hungry for a W. Unfortunately for the Heat the Knicks look like the team of game one – all hustle and no penalties -until the second quarter. The Knicks are caught pressing in the back court (this late in the season?) and draw a tech as they’d already been warned once. (Not really – it was twice– but the officials were terrible). By the last minute the Heat are down 14-16. The Heat draw a foul with a free throw. They make one of the two. Then the Knicks get fouled with 16 seconds left. They miss both. While driving the lane the Heats Eric Evans gets fouled and he makes one – game is tied at 16. It is the days only overtime. By then, however, the Knicks and the Heat are foul heavy and with less than 2 minutes left in overtime both the Heats Alexis Henderson and the Knicks point guards have fouled out. With only Evans to push the rock the Knicks pull a last minute 3 and win 23-20.

Last game is the Cougars and the Hurricanes and I didn’t realize until the whistle blew that this is the Hurricanes last game. This Hurricane team looks like Week One Hurricanes and Tyler Thomas is absolutely everywhere! But the Cougars are no slouches either and stayed within a point nearly all game. But it’s not their last game and Tyler pulls a 3 with 26 seconds left giving the Hurricanes the win 30-29. I’m not sure why but the win brought their coach to tears – and the Cougars coach was seen comforting him and telling him something that only they two would share.

Players of the Week are the coaches – the Heat, the Cougars and Spurs coaches especially. There wasn’t one coach who had an official give them a tech though there were SO MANY REASONS why the coaches should be upset. (“TIME OUT! TIME OUT REF! TIME OUT!”) Every coach held their ground (and their tongues) at all of the obviously bad calls, the jump balls because “I didn’t see who touched the ball last” and the irritatingly indecisive light blow of the whistle only to be unsure of why it was blown in the first place. (“What’s the call, Ref?”) Trust me if it was irritating for just your game it was MIND-NUMBING for all six!

Games to watch for make up for week five are Celtics vs Blue Devils at 10. The Blue Devils are coming off of a win this week while the Celtics will attempt to recover from their first loss to the Spurs. For the 11-12 year olds its the TarHeels and the Cougars at two. These coaches share similar coaching philosophies and their centers are both aggressive and talented – should be a shootout!

See you courtside!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Saturday baseball

May 5, 2008

I caught a couple of games Saturday at John Griffin.

The first was a 13-2 win for the Stoney Point Pirates over the Stoney Point Yankees in a Dixie Youth Junior game.

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I also saw a little bit of a game between the E.E. Miller A’s and the Lake Rim Pirates.

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What to do on a rainy day?

April 21, 2008

As rain pounds the pavement outside our office, I thought now might be a good time to share the inclement weather numbers for the local leagues:

Fayetteville-Cumberland (306-7325)

West Fayetteville (484-6140)

Hope Mills (424-4500, option three, then option eight)