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Fayetteville-Cumberland Opening Day

September 19, 2009

It was great to have such nice weather and such good crowds for opening day for football and soccer for Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation.

You could barely get a parking spot at Reid Ross, and the crowd at Arnette Park was good as well.

Of course, I have some pictures.

I saw lots of cameras out there today, and I know you guys are better photographers than I am, so send me some pictures at

I also took a bit of video:

A day to remember

April 18, 2009

Another full-filled opening day has come and gone in Cumberland County.

What a day!

Keep in mind that our friends at West Fayetteville opened up on April 4. Their photos and video were already on their page before the sun rose over our fair region this morning.

Since then, we’ve added hundreds of photos and a slew of videos to the other nine recreation pages on this blog.

I’m afraid to start thanking people, as I know I will accidentally leave someone out, but I’m going to risk it anyway.

The photo department was awesome as usual. Johnny Horne, Marcus Castro, Ashley Cross and Octavio Jones were all over the place taking pictures Saturday. The new media folks – Brandon Plotnick, Sabrina Lavdis and David Ivey – all shot video and Brandon even decided to wow us with his photography skills.

The sports staff helped out with the writing for the paper, so let’s give a nod to Paul Shugar, Sammy Batten and Earl Vaughan for their efforts. We even snagged Chick Jacobs from Community News for his prose as well.

I need to thank Maxey Dove and Michael Seals, from Hope Mills and Fayetteville-Cumberland, respectively, for always helping me get information on this site. I don’t think I could do it without their constant assistance.

And Maxey gets extra thanks today for the primo parking spot and for helping score me a pancake and sausage breakfast.

We got a lot covered, but you know, there’s still something missing.

Wait a minute, it’ll come to me…

Oh wait, I know…


This site is for you.

Send us pictures or drop me some video at

Until then, best of luck this season!!!

Randy Capps
Community Sports Editor