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Still raising money

October 6, 2009

Yep, I’m still trying to raise money for the autism walk.

Interested? Click here.

Commercial break

October 5, 2009

There’s a link below that has nothing to do with youth sports. It is, however, a link to a blog post of mine about the autism walk in Raleigh this weekend and what it means to me.

Blog post

Snow day

January 20, 2009

In case anyone was wondering, any activities scheduled for any Fayetteville-Cumberland Recreation Department are snowed out.

I know, it’s shocking…

So why not just go outside, play in the snow and then come back in and shoot me some pictures?

We’ve got all this bandwidth and nothing to do with it, so send me some snow pictures at

Here are a few from our morning at the farm:

And a couple of more are here.

Some days, you’re the windshield

January 10, 2009

and others, you’re the bug.

Today, it’s a bug’s life for me.

My camera is protesting. After barely getting a few pictures and a little video from College Lakes this morning, I tried to catch a game at the Spivey Center only to be greeted by a black screen.

My battery, it seems, has given up the ghost.

So much so that I can’t even get what I shot off the camera.

Good times.

So, before I put in a request for a new battery, let me make one here:


I need some pictures and video from the opening day of youth basketball for Fayetteville-Cumberland. Anything I could post here would be better than me whining about my bad luck with equipment.

Seriously, I hope the coaches and players have a great season.

I also hope to be able to capture a bit of it for posterity.

Assuming I can make piece with my technology…

Get up and play

January 2, 2009

Happy New Year, everybody.

Basketball season gets rolling on Jan. 10, and I plan to be out and about getting pictures and video from the first day of recreation hardwood action.

Remember that this is your Web site. So use it! Send me pictures, videos, game results, observations – whatever. Just send them to me at

Until then, here’s a column that will appear in next week’s edition of Fort Bragg Life.


Olympic fun

August 21, 2008

I hope everyone’s enjoying the Olympics while we ride out this lull in youth sports activity.

I am, especially after watching the U.S. clip Brazil in the gold medal match this morning. You’ve got to love a good, broadband connection at work…

Anyway, here’s my two cents…