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A new hobby

September 3, 2008

This ran in today’s Fort Bragg Life…

Most people can’t swim a half-mile. Most people have no interest in riding a bike for 20 miles. Most people don’t take off on 3.1-mile runs.
And most people don’t sign up for all three in one day.
But Chase DuBois isn’t like most people.
DuBois, a 16-year-old junior at Terry Sanford and son of two former Marines, runs cross country and swims for the Bulldogs.
He figured he’d toss in some biking and try a triathlon.
“It’s a great thing to do,” he said. “If you’re interesting in at least two of the sports, it’s not that hard to add the other.”
He decided he wanted to race in a triathlon, downloaded a training regime off the Internet and went to work.
”It’s wondeful,” Bill DuBois, Chase’s father, said. “I did them back when I was in the service. It keeps him busy, and we’ve always tried to push our kids to push themselves physically.”
The schedule was a six-day-a-week plan that featured running on Monday, biking on Tuesday and swimming on Wednesday, followed by a repeat cycle on Thursday through Saturday.
He did the swimming during breaks from his lifeguard job at Highland Country Club and fir the riding and running in the mornings or evenings.
On Aug. 2, he raced in the 23rd Annual Goldsboro YMCA Triathlon. He was the youngest racer in the 90-person field, finishing 65th overall with a time of 1:56.24.
He finished the swim in 15:33, the bike course in 1:15.39 and the run in 25:13.
“For my first actual one, I think I did pretty good,” he said. “There’s always room for improvement.”
And that seems to be his plan, as he wants to keep his triathlon career going.
“We’re going to keep looking into triathlons,” he said. “I think we’re going to be doing a lot more of them.”
“I just feel blessed,” Bill DuBois said. “The whole family came out to watch him. It was really nice to see all the young people there (competing).”
Chase, his younger brother Cody, 13, and his mom, Julia, raced in the Run for the Red 10K on Aug. 16 in Fayetteville.
Both finished slightly better than Chase, with Cody turning in the best time at 49:19 in his first-ever 10K run.
“We’re all runners,” Bill DuBois said.”
And bikers. And swimmers, too.